Mark Smith

Mark A. Smith has been President, General Counsel, interim Chief Financial Officer and a director of Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc. since late March 2003. Since that time, he has also served as sole director, President and General Counsel of Bion’s wholly-owned subsidiaries including Bion Services Group.

Greg Schoener

Greg joined as both COO and a Director in June 2024 to guide Bion through the company’s transition from R&D to commercialization and operations, along with ongoing management challenges from the passing of our former CEO. He is a large Bion shareholder who is a successful entrepreneur and business owner/operator in Houston, Texas.

Craig Scott

Craig Scott has been associated with Bion since 1993. He has held a number of senior positions from 2006 to present, including Director of Communications and SVP Capital Markets. As of June 2024, he has joined Bion’s Board of Directors and will be expanding his management role as Head of Business Development, with a focus on commencing Bion’s initial project. Craig studied business and communications at Montana State and Denver-Metro Universities.

Jon Northrop
Secretary - Independent

Jon Northrop has served as our Secretary and a Director since March of 2003. Since September 2001 he has been self employed as a consultant with a practice focused on business buyer advocacy. Mr. Northrop is one of our founders and served as our Chief Executive Officer and a Director from our inception in September 1989 until August 2001.

Ed Schafer

Ed Schafer joined Bion’s Board in August, 2010, as Executive Vice Chairman, to provide Bion with strategic advice, focusing on areas of public policy related to the livestock industry both domestically and internationally. Mr. Schafer served as governor of North Dakota from 1992 to 2000 and served as Secretary of Agriculture under Pres. George W Bush from 2008 to 2009.

Bill Rupp

Mr. Rupp spent 25 years with Cargill, the last ten as President of Cargill Beef. He oversaw Cargill’s global beef business operations that did over $25 billion in annual sales in the U.S., Canada, Argentina, and Australia. Mr. Rupp also served five years as President of JBS Beef, where he led JBS’s North American beef business that did approximately $20 billion in sales. In 2021, Mr. Rupp was inducted into the National Provisioners’ Meat Packer Hall of Fame. Mr. Rupp joined Bion’s Board in Feb 2023.

Salvatore Zizza

Mr. Zizza brings decades of experience in institutional finance, commerce, and public company practices. He is a Director of several of the Gabelli Funds. He is also Chairman of Bergen Cove Realty, and a Director of Trans-Lux Corp. He is a retired Chairman of BAM and former CEO & Chairman of LVI Group, a NYSE-listed firm. Mr. Zizza joined Bion’s Board in Feb 2023.